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About Us
The digital revolution is changing the world.
A digital world is not constrained by geographic factors.
Conventional markets have limits in terms of space and time.
Borderless World eliminates these limitations of geography and time zones.
The whole world is the available market, 24 hours a day.
Internet access is now available, wherever work is conducted, at a desk or off-site.
Worldwide customers have access to the Internet, spanning all time zones, regardless of their language, ethnicity.
Overcoming the language and culture factor is necessary to created a truly borderless eBusiness.
We build turnkey e-commerce stores as convenient as possible.
You will be able to immmediately upload your products and services to begin selling.
Benefits that iWebBox can provide: Anyone, regardless of their skill level, can build one.

- No software to install, all you need is internet access and a web browser to set up your eBusiness.
- No technical skills or programming experience required.
- Web-based Control Panel-it requires only a minium of internet knowledge.
- No limits in terms of space and time. "365x24x7" availability to your customers.
- Understand how to utilize eBusiness marketing tools to attract new customers.
- Support of ISO-639 multi-language.
- Search Engine Optimized E-Commerce Shop.
- Global E-Commerce Solution.

The iWebBox is an industry leader engaging in continual research & development to allow you to stay competitive.
In the context of an ever-changing business environment, we promise that we will stay on top of our competitors and thus set the very standard upon which others may follow.
As the global leader of eBusiness solution provider,
we will do our best to provide you with solutions to all of your needs.
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